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Technology Solutions

Technology solutions focus on providing clients with a synthesis of very detailed and complex technologies into simplified business plans. ZADA has spent a lot of energy and time in creating frameworks targeted at industries with R&D, fundamental science and intellectual property. These Include: Key performance indicators, financial statement analysis, environmental impact analysis, productivity ratio frameworks and basic SWOT analysis. Using these frameworks, ZADA has provided its clients with a good start to understand the requirements to conduct detailed process mapping.

Process mapping at the core of ZADA’s business expertise. With the processes mapped, we provide our clients with a good understanding of the various tools that we can make available and can be used to address the issues. The clients, mainly executive level clients need to easily understand and apply their knowledge. Some of the available tools include:

Measurement systems
Tracking systems,
Benchmark and best practice systems

They are all readily available to our clients and help define the short and long term objectives required to define the strategy

With the expertise and knowledge of ZADA and its partners in core technologies and technology based solutions, we have repeatedly delivered strong quality plans that allow our clients to think and elaborate their business models for investment purposes. Thus our clients continue to develop solid strategic and business plans. Finally our technology solutions provide clients with analysis for M&A and Partner Assessment.

“The business case and business plans that we produce are at the heart of ZADA’s delivery process and the thoroughness of our work repeatedly has been a recipient of accolades from all our clients in all the industries that we work in”

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