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ZADA INC Solutions


Government and International Institutions

The focus area of the government and international institution is in helping governments adapt new technologies into their processes that will help them deliver their man needs. Primarily the areas that we have focused on at ZADA in sub-government and international institutions are in the delivering of technology infrastructure, program and project management and eventually business plans that focus on systems that require adaptation. ZADA experience in this includes:

Developing an Environmental Chemical Database for the Department of the Navy U.S
Infrastructure Policy Establishment for ECOWAS in West Africa
The Design of Financial Management framework for the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia resulting in a $15M business plan implementation
Review of $16M Financial Plan with negotiation component to reduce interest rates

With these clients, ZADA has worked with their institutions, such as transportation
institutions, Ministry of Finance in helping map programs and processes that will clearly
allow bureaucrats and senior government employers deliver to the constituents finance systems and infrastructure technologies.

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