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ZADA is managed by two principal partners, and senior advisers with expertise and backgrounds in the key businesses we support.

Zimako Uchenna Ibe (Principal Partner)

Mr. Zimako Ibe is responsible for our executing daily operations. Mr. Ibe brings 15 years of work experience to ZADA evenly split between process engineering, business development, and management consulting. At Shell Nigeria, Mr. Ibe spent 4 years as a project and process engineer managing multiple projects in the upstream energy business. He then joined Corning Inc. as a process engineer where he developed multiple projects addressing a broad range of process engineering issues in the different Corning groups. Mr. Ibe then moved to the Corporate Strategy group where he helped develop market strategy in the Environmental and Display groups. In Environmental, Mr. Ibe conducted in-depth analysis creating a negotiation strategy for potential alliance with a major energy producer. In the Display groups, Mr. Ibe represented the corporate strategy group in assessing the new technologies and advised the corporate strategy director on the outlook for the technologies. He also played a key role in the Development of a JDA between Corning and a major Energy Producer. More recently Mr. Ibe was part of the Technologies and Manufacturing group at Booz Allen Hamilton and a Project Director for Gartner’s Infrastructure group. In this capacity, Mr. Ibe has mastered critical evaluation, assessment and due diligence tools required to produce successful solutions focused on optimizing process manufacturing businesses.

Mr. Ibe is a graduate of the University of Maryland and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management

Mr. Sam Epee-Bounya (Principal)

Mr. Sam Epee-Bounya is a Principal at ZADA. Mr. Epee-Bounya has spent the last 10 years as a management consultant in technology and an Investment banker with focus on international partnerships and alliances. Mr. Epee-Bounya brings experience from Accenture’s Process Group, where he played a key role in the reform of the United States Agencies for International Development and he has spent the rest in Bank of America where he serves as the main facilitator for the divestiture of international assets from the acquisition of Fleet Bank. Mr. Epee-Bounya brings to ZADA a key skill of financial assessment and negotiation, which is crucial for establishing tested and accurate metrics for contractors in more dynamic business environments. More recently Mr. Epee-Bounya has been an adviser to IFC funded projects focused on acquisition of equity stakes in Africa.

Mr. Epee-Bounya is a graduate of University of Maryland and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management

ZADA retains a host of advisers that continue to guide or delivery and ensure that our clients’ expectations and deliverables are at par. These include:

Mr. John Priddy
Marketing Vice President IPASS Communication Denver Colorado
Ms Toyosi Kolawole
Partner IBS
Mr. Soni Oyekan
Chief Technologist, Marathon Refining Co, U.S.A
Dr. E.C. Ibe
MD, Zims Systems Nig
Dr. T. Obiaga
Former DG, Ministry of Science and Technology Nigeria
Mr. Frank Ping
Energy Advisor to the President, Federal Republic of Gabon

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