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ZADA INC Solutions


Energy Industry

In the energy industry, ZADA brings a wealth of experience in project and program management, platform or facilities construction, well servicing and wellness of more management, logistics management and transportation solutions. Our target clients include the major oil and gas producing companies such as

Shell Petroleum

Nigerian National Petroleum Company

Total Fina Elf
Sahara Energy

And a host of other associated companies in the U.S. and internationally.

With the wealth of experience that ZADA has, our partners and our staff have played key roles in the transformation of energy projects globally. Some of these projects include:

The optimization of operational cost for Shell Africa, where ZADA staff played a key role in the reduction of operational cost for Shell’s staff in Nigeria.

Provide advisory services and detailed consultation in the transformation in the then-proposed transformation of a major West African National Oil Company.

New Business Development and Joint Venture Agreement of Oil Sands in Calgary, where ZADA’s staff has played a key role in pricing the new alternative fuels and oil sands technologies.

In these projects, ZADA staff has taken leadership and partnership roles, such as program and project managers, directors of infrastructure and deployment and investors. ZADA is also an investor in the marginal fields operations in West Africa and has been involved in the acquisition of operating fields in Gabon, West Central Africa.

Through its current focus, ZADA is looking to bring new technologies and new processes to the oil and gas industry through transfer of knowledge from industries such as telecommunication, high-technology manufacturing and information technology, where applicable to the energy industry. We are also involved in independent power projects and decentralization of power generation systems that is ongoing in the developing countries.
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