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ZADA INC Solutions


Technology Manufacturing

In the high-technology and manufacturing solution, ZADA is solely focused on helping companies in chemicals and raw materials processing to deliver business plans and business models that would help them address strategic transformation needs as a competitive environment as international manufacturers in China and Asia continue to increase. ZADA staff has experience in various projects in this space:

Establish a Joint Venture Operation in Energy with a Raw Materials manufacturer
Major Supply Chain Review with a Fuel Cell Manufacturer
Commercial Equipment Supply to Major Construction Integrator

We are working to become a key advisor in the processing of raw materials, especially silicon and silicon-based raw materials. In the areas where display technology, ceramic manufacturing is key, ZADA continues to support and advise its clients in improving systems. The medium and long-term targets for ZADA in the high-technology manufacturing area is to continue to improve its technology assessment and investment management capability and transform this into solid frameworks that these industries, can utilize in providing more solid business plans.

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