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New Business

The focus of ZADA’s New Business development platform is to prepare clients for the change management needs and for the entire transition that a new business development effort requires. Frameworks available for new business development are long-term scenario planning, long-term opportunity assessment, market analysis and comparative and supplementary assessments of issues that deal directly or indirectly with those solutions. Using similar frameworks (PMI, Ratios, and Financial models) we deliver an understanding of the uniqueness of the new business development model to our clients.

Our clients have benefited from the stakeholder analysis process, which allows clients to go through an internal analysis and understand the capability and feasibility of delivering these new businesses. This provides a basis for in-depth analysis. New business development tools are widely available but require significant expertise from economists, engineers, marketers and other that ZADA incorporates in its project teams and its processes. We provide clients with a mix of strategic planning offerings comprising;

Economic analysis
Strategic forecasts,
Scenario mapping
Corporate governance

The strategic plan targets the leadership who make the primary decisions and then implement in the larger business. This leads to the business case and the business plan phase and the associated financial products. They are a key part of ZADA’s offering in new business development. Our experience in supporting Pre and Post mergers and acquisition activity, joint development and joint venture agreement, our experience in partnerships has allowed ZADA to play a key role in delivering these solutions to their clients. We provide different forms of assessments helping investors attract and categorize their partners for these projects.

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